“Us & Them” Project. Focusing on the Myth of Us & Them.

The Us & Them Project.

The focus of the “Us & Them” project is the fictional “us & them” that governments, or the “powerful” create and use as a tool, to divide, dehumanize and dominate people for personal power.

I created the “Us & Them” camera just for this project.
And in the last year and a half it has traveled to, photographed and met amazing beautiful humans in the Syrian refugee camps in Lesbos Greece, Palestine, Standing Rock North Dakota, and most recently the mountains of Chiapas Mexico to photograph the Zapatista National Liberation Army.

So many beautiful experiences, and beautiful people.

The “Us & Them” Camera that i made for this project, is constructed from aircraft aluminum, titanium, steel, brass, copper, silver and glass. The camera contains artifacts that relate to the subject of “Us & Them”. In the front of the camera hangs a silver crucifix that once belonged to Eva Braun (Adolf Hitlers girlfriend/wife), and has Eva’s “EB” monogram on the back. In the three silver pyramids on the top and sides of the camera, are chambers containing human artifacts from the Vietnam war. They were donated by a U.S. Vietnam Vet, and were part of his “proof of kill box” where he was required to take a body part from everyone he killed during the war. In the back of the camera is a glass and rusty steel chamber. All of the glass I found in the Palestinian territories. Inside the chamber is an armband from WWII with a yellow Star of David on it. On the left side of the armband is a red stamp signifying that the owner of the armband was a registered Jew with the Nazi party. And wrapped around the armband is barbed wire that I picked up at the Israeli/Syrian border and was from the 1967 Six Day War.