Wayne Martin Belger

Exert from a Huffington Post feature titled,

Chambers of Pure Light: Wayne Martin Belger’s Transcendent Camera Art

By Lisa Derrick.

“Wayne Martin Belger‘s photographs and intricate, one-of-kind, hand-built cameras — themselves works of art, often set with gemstones and talismans; crafted with human organs and skulls, blood, bones and blood — boldly combine both the ancient and post-modern, using a viewing method that can be traced as far back as China in the 5th century B.C., to Aristole, Euclid, and later Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen) who refined the technique in his the 10th-century Book of Optics, before emerging as in 1850 as photographic device.

The process begins with Belger first desiring to explore and relate to a concept and envisioning the photographs, then crafting a camera as the portal into the subject. He collects artifacts, relics and metals, and painstakingly builds the device with parts he carefully machines, the construction itself a form of meditation on and communion with the concepts and images, much like icon painters who first pray and meditate, then carefully prepare the surface, blend the tempera and delicately layer the colors.

Belger’s beautiful machines and the photographs he produces with them are stunning, surreal, yet incredibly grounded and visceral expressions of the artist’s and subjects’ place in time and light, and our brief time and place on earth.”


Past Work Experience;

Camp counselor, stock boy, professional treasure hunter, child recovery specialist, rock climbing instructor, scuba instructor (Dive Master Training), L.A. Kings Pro Hockey team (mascot, “Kingston”), Anaheim Mighty Ducks Pro Hockey team (mascot, “Wildwing”), Hockey player, studio musician, professional touring musician (Wicked Tinkers), artist, machinist, California State licensed manicurist.


Select Solo Shows;

ArtisanWorks/George Eastman Museum of Film and Photography. Rochester NY Sept 2014

ArtSpace, Shreveport Contemporary Art Museum, Shreveport, LA. April 2012

Meta Gallery, Toronto, Canada April 2010

Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco, CA. October 2006

Billy Shire Fine Art, Culver City, CA. March 2006

Bert Green Fine Art, Gallery Row, L.A., CA. April 2005

Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ. January 2005 (W/ Joel-Peter Witkin)

Todd Hughs Fine Art, Pasadena, CA. December 2001

The BAU Gallery, Ojai, CA. August 2001

The Brewery, L.A., CA. June 2001

Select Group Shows;

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Bevier Gallery, October 2016

The Gallery at Greenly Center, Bloomsburg University, September 2016

Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA March 2016

The Harwood Museum, Taos New Mexico, January 2015

CEPA, Buffalo, NY September 2014

La luz de Jesus, L.A, CA November 2011

Beyond Eden, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, L.A,  CA October 2011

Stychnin Gallery, London England, December 2009

Rivet Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.  February 2009

Device Gallery, La Jolla, CA  July 2008

La Luz de Jesus Gallery, L.A., CA. March 2004

M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA. February 2004

Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA. October 2003

City of Brea Gallery, Brea, CA. April 2003

Wiford & Vogt fine art, Santa Fe, NM. December 2002

The Folk Tree Gallery, Pasadena, CA. October 2002

Fototeka fine art, L.A. CA. June 2002

The Folk Tree Gallery, Pasadena, CA. October 2001